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Les Miles Comments On The Hiring Of John Chavis

Opening Statement about the hire of new defensive coordinator John Chavis?

"It's obvious that he has pursued excellence his entire career. The people that have been coached by him and the defenses that he has run just speak to him knowing exactly what he's doing. We really appreciate the fact that he will come in with a lot of great experience in this conference. He ran a great defense this year with a team that was not as successful, that did not win many games and that speaks to great morale and to a defense playing just to play defense. That may be his greatest qualification."

On if Chavis will have say in the hiring of other defensive staff?

"Yes, he will have a say. It would be inappropriate for me to fill the room suggesting he work with these guys. You don't want to bring a guy in and find out that he's uncomfortable with other staff that you've hired."

On how important the fit of the staff is to him?

"That's one of the pieces that was important for me to see John possess. John's just a team guy, you can really tell that. He's admired LSU from afar and I think he saw some advantages here and I think he wanted to be at LSU. He's been awfully loyal to the place he was at and the coach he was with. When you talk to people who have been coached by him and have coached with him, he is a team player. I think we'll enjoy that."

On Chavis' coaching style?

"I think he understand what he wants. It will be described in meetings. I think he's a guy that listens and takes suggestions, but I also think he's a guy that knows exactly what he wants to do and is about doing it in the best way that it can be done. He'll certainly have his initials on it. It will be one that will be reached by the group of defensive coaches."

On the type of candidate he looks for?

"I need someone who understands and knows what to expect, what we're comfortable with in the type of defense we run here. I want great defense. I want somebody that has that kind of experience in this league.?

On what will stay the same and what will change with new coaches?

"I think philosophy stays the same. We have to make sure that John Chavis is comfortable in things that he calls and how he calls it. That is something that will be determined later. The good news is that I think we're veteran enough at places that we can transfer knowledge comfortably and I think we're young enough at places where the first-time learners will get it that way. I look at it as youthful interior guys sprinkled with some veterans with some experienced linebackers and a pretty veteran secondary."

On if John Chavis will coach any position?

"John's always been a position guy. I think he enjoys coaching the linebackers. I'd hate to speak for him, but I think that's what he's going to do."

On if he feels this is a turning point in his time at LSU?

"I'm looking forward to the new staff being assembled. I think it will be good for our defense and our team. I think there will be some pieces in place now that we needed to have in place. I think the future is very bright here."

On how you research a coach?

"You see how they play. How hard they play and, tactically, how they're deployed ? how they stunt and blitz, etc. I remember the first time we played Tennessee in our stadium and we hit a couple of big plays and that was it for the half. There were some mistakes made, but it was frustrating. I remember that and the SEC Championship game where we got 21 points, seven of them on defense, and we had to fight like heck to get the 14 we got. I recall a very talented LSU offense fighting hard in that game against a very good Tennessee defense."

On how active Chavis will be in recruiting?

"I think he'll be a little bit more than Doug (Mallory) and Bo (Peveto), but Bradley Dale was out every snap, he was recruiting hard. I don't think we'll allow him to do that."

On how he would characterize a Bo Pelini defense and a John Chavis defense?

"I think there are some differences. I think the similarities are greater than the differences. I think toughness and a standard of excellence and being used to the style of defense that we're playing here. I think you'll find that those things are similar."