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Column: LSU Is All Over Pro Day

by Scooter Hobbs

BATON ROUGE — The NFL’s singular focus seemed to shift from New Orleans’ transgressions to LSU’s indoor football practice facility on Thursday. It appeared about half the NFL was there, with almost every team represented, including head coaches Rex Ryan of the Jets and Mike Tomlin of the Steelers. It was LSU’s Pro Day, when the Tigers pay homage to stop watches, tape measures and traffic cones. Head coach Les Miles looked on like a proud father, observing as the swift and the strong went through their “measurables.” “Jarrett LEE!” he shouted as his former backup quarterback, most famous for not playing in the BCS championship game loss to Alabama, trotted by on his way to warm up his arm for the pro scouts. Lee stopped in his tracks, a big smile on his face, and hugged his now former head coach. It was a touching moment, perhaps proof that Lee really doesn’t hold any ill feelings about his BCS snub.

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