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Column: An Unorthodox Guide To The Office Pool

by Scooter Hobbs

OK, so you’ve got a No. 2 pencil at the ready, your NCAA tournament bracket is before you, time to tackle the annual office pool — this time you’re serious — and you’re looking for some expert advice. Frankly, you’ve probably come to the wrong place. My personal one will probably be wadded up and tossed in the garbage by about 6 p.m. Thursday. And if you’ll recall our football conversations, there’s no such thing as a sure thing, no matter how wise and logical it may have seemed at the time to pick Arkansas to beat Alabama. But I just got a Tweet of some sort from my buddy Tim Brando, the CBS hoops guru, in which he apologizes in advance for a looming Brando Twitter Blackout so that he may immerse himself in the tournament for the next 18-24 hours. I give that promise about 12 minutes shelf life — he would go into severe withdrawal within two hours of silence, tops — but you don’t have that much time and so you have turned to this trusty foxhole for counsel.

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