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Column: Be Careful What You Legislate For

by Scooter Hobbs

I see where some state legislatures are nosing around into college athletics again. This is never a good thing — grandstanding politicians at best, misguided showboating at worst. And sometimes it just blows up in your face. Anyway, up in North Dakota they passed a law a while back that decreed that the University of North Dakota (apparently it’s in North Dakota somewhere) must, without exception, answer to the nickname “Fighting Sioux.” What’s more, the school must proudly display the old school logo, which featured the profile of an American Indian warrior, possibly a Sioux. The logo is basically what put the NCAA into attack mode back when it was ridding the nation of Native American mascots among its institutions a decade ago. The logo probably offends more people in the NCAA than it does in the two North Dakota tribes that were consulted.

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