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Column: LSU May Have Helped Create The Plus-One

by Scooter Hobbs

Look on the bright side, LSU fans. As disheartening as the loss to Alabama was, at least the Tigers might have been part of the final piece of the puzzle toward moving college football into the 21st Century. If the rest of college football was already getting sick of the Southeastern Conference’s dominance, taking the last bit of suspense out of the way early for the league getting its sixth straight national championship crystal might have been the final straw. Having two of his own, LSU and Alabama, in the title game wasn’t the only reason SEC Commissioner Mike Slive was smiling all week leading up to the inevitable six pack. Slive has for at least four years now been publicly beating the drums for the so-called “plus-one,” which is sly way of saying “four-team playoff” without the indelicacy of actually saying the scary “playoff” word.

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